CentriNet Technology and Development Director (CENTRISA Group)
#Director #Information Systems #IT Consultancy #IT Services / To Feb 2001 / From Mar 2000 / Location Madrid, Spain


Technology and Development Director in CentriNet S.A. (CENTRISA Group) Information Systems Services Company (Centrisa spin-off) focused on Internet and new technologies owned by Centrisa Goup (later AZERTIA). As director of this area my responsibility was to manage, plan and organize all the technologies and resources (more than 85 people) oriented to develop services and solutions based on Internet and New Technologies (Portals, e-Business, e-Commerce, Intranets, etc.).

  • Area resources management including allocation and deallocation in projects and subcontracting.
  • Responsible for the full strategy and standard in technology and solutions used to develop the projects.
  • Human resources management.
  • Responsible for the full management for the budget in this area.
  • Quality responsible.
  • Responsible for presales activity and actions.
  • Management Team Member.

In this company we implemented several projects for customers like ABRARRED, Aegon MoneyMaxx, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, AZCAR, BES, BBVA, CEPSA, DIARIO AS, ICEX, Seguros La Estrella, Grupo Mundired, KRISTINA, PROEL, Telefónica, Teleinformática, Terra Mobile, UNED, Unión Gremial, Software AG, Seguros Vitalicio, etc.