Para conocerme un poco mejor date una vuelta por este site, pero además te diré que nací en Madrid en 1968, que resido entre Madrid y París, que soy de naturaleza activa, dinámica, que tuve de temprana afición y posterior formación universitaria, informática, que es mi profesión, y que la vida me ha llevado además a ser bloguero, gastrónomo, padre, tecnólogo, gourmet, fotógrafo, viajero, a muchas otras cosas que me mantienen siempre aprendiendo … y en la que siempre encuentro algo que compartir.

Professionally speaking I am senior manager and high skilled professional in diverse Information Systems areas with more than 25 years of experience in different business sectors and companies. Last 15 years executing senior management functions in multi-language multi-cultural multi-national and multi-technical projects and organizations at distinct positions in FMCG’s companies managing several scopes of information systems in european companies and some global projects world wide.

My experience as IT Manager/Director in these FMCG’s companies has grown in 15 years from managing IS for 40M€ business in one country (two companies) to close to 2KM€ business in three countries (eleven companies). Currently I manage a team about 12 internal and 25 external people located among Milano, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Canary Islands and a yearly running Opex budget above 3M€ and Capex about 1M€ yearly.

Besides supporting complex application maps and master plans about 50 projects yearly, about Finance, Controlling, Business Intelligence and Human Resources business solutions, my main mission in this tough period has been implementation of different programs looking for more efficient organization, restructuring teams, simplifying processes, consolidating infrastructures, promoting shared business solutions, renegotiating existing contracts,  etc. achieving accumulated running costs savings about 20% in 3 years.

When I joined to this FMCG’s companies, firstly Numico, I started with a remarkable project transforming all the Sales Force management, closing eight commercial offices among Spain and implementing initially an ad-hoc a Sales Force Automation system supporting all the commercial activity including order taking and years later replacing by Dendrite/Cegedim.

On those years we developed completely a brand new BI landscape implementing different Cognos solutions for sales reporting and business controlling interfaced with PeopleSoft ERP. In the customer service area I managed a large project and transformation for Siebel CRM implementation for consumer care. I also managed and developed completely a Commitment Administration solution for managing A&P budget into the organization facilitating control and vision of these important investments to controlling teams.

After Numico was taken over by Danone I moved into fully Danone responsibilities on 2009 working in Netherlands. I was appointed to lead one of the most important IT projects for Numico’s integration, named ATLAS, consisting on the migration of 12.000 worldwide users, among more than 40 countries, to the Lotus solutions for email, collaboration and communication including deployment of new technologies for email, videoconferencing, instant messaging, ip voice, etc.

ATLAS was a very challenging and gratifying project that drove one of the most important IT changes and transformation in Danone and Numico integration process. The most difficult challenge on this seamless project, where change and communication management were absoluteley key, was to keep engaged more than 100 IT staff working remotely WW. The work done in that project was recognized with a DanIS Award.

My last four or five years have been focused on managing important programs and projects for driving Danone IS and business transformation in South West European countries.

Also on those years I have managed several complex ERP upgrade projects, mainly in People Soft for Baby and Medical divisions and SAP for Dairy and Waters divisions for several european business and countries.

I started in autumn 2010 working hand in hand with the SWE CIO for unblocking the new SWE DanIS Hub constitution. The mission consisted in the completion of a study previously done by BCG, carrying out the necessary actions and activities looking for the integration of the existing separated IS/IT organizations of DANONE Waters, DANONE Dairy and DANONE Baby & Medical Nutrition, transitioning from seven different teams to a single South West Europe Dan’IS organization. It was absolutely key as part of this process, the leadership and engagement of IS teams and business stakeholders among different business and countries. This important transformation project entailed change management on people, organization, systems, processes, tools, relationships, contracts, etc. in order to work as a unique organization because this bring all business units significant values and will effectively enable business ambitions through excellent project and support delivery for all CBUs.

Since we transformed the DanIS SWE organization by 2011 I joined to the SWE leadership team managing the business solution domain accountable for Finance, Business Intelligence & DSS, Human Resources, Internal Control, Document Management and Business Processes Management solutions. Last years have been really taught because organizational restructuring done in the teams, being key my leadership and team management skills keeping the teams motivated, engaged and aligned on priorities and deliveries in a very difficult context,  extremely demanding, supporting increasing business demand and business deep transformation moving into clusterization models on the different divisions.

Probably the most important project has been the handover and transformation from the former Danone BICC (Business Intelligence Competence Center) to the team under my responsibility. We moved ongoing support responsibility and projects to a new SWE organization in six months taken the full resposability of BI solutions, being the unique Danone IS Hub WW following this model. Since then we have change completely the BI landscape in our region, promoting Qlikview as a BI flexible solution adapted to our heterogeneous scope, deploying very important EPM solutions for controlling and industrial departments, optimizing the BI operation and stability and recovering trust and confidence about BI by all the business. In this BI area is where I have managed the largest agreement with a vendor being responsible of an IS externalization contract above 1M€/year.

Besides all these activities, as remarked above, my main mission in this tough period has been managing implementation of different programs and projects looking for more efficient organization, restructuring teams, simplifying processes, consolidating infrastructures, promoting shared business solutions, etc. achieving accumulated running costs savings above 20% in 3 years.

My contribution and results in Danone all those years have been recognized in yearly basis with high performance and development rating and stretching always personal objectives.

Project Management skils have been some of the most developed during my career managing different methodologies and tools adapted to different projects size and complexity. As result of this vast experience, during last years I have implemented in Danone at EMEA level, a best practice about project management including the deployment of an opensource project management tool called Redmine, and methodology inspired in Prince2® and Bagheera, Danone project management methodology for SAP® projects management. I led the creation and implementation in more than 12 countries in SWE, SEE and AME regions defining new ways of working on this matter.

As I start growing in consultancy services is very remarkable my customer and service oriented mindset, always focus on results and I have absolute certainly in people as the most important asset and team power, what drove me during years to develop different team management and leadership skills.

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