Danone SWE Dan’IS HUB Supporting the Enterprise Domain Manager
#Business Intelligence #Finance #FMCG #Human Resources #Information Systems #Senior Manager / To Nov 2015 / From Feb 2011 / Location Madrid, Spain

As result of previous position, finally, we constituted a new information systems organization clustered among Spain, Italy and Portugal integrating people, organizations, systems, projects, processes, tools, relationships, contracts, etc. in those countries supporting currently eleven business units in South Western Europe above 2.000M€ turnover.

My responsibility is on top of all business solutions and applications supporting the enterprises processes as Finance, Business Intelligence & DSS, Human Resources, Internal Control, Document Management and Business Processes Management. Including strategy and policies definition, budget management, and leading a team of 12 internal and 25 external people located among Milano, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Canary Islands working aligned with business stakeholders and strategy we are responsible for information systems strategy, ongoing support and project execution for Danone in South Western Europe businesses.

Besides these regular work my main mission in this tough period has been implementation of different programs looking for more efficient organization, restructuring teams, simplifying processes, consolidating infrastructures, promoting shared business solutions, etc. achieving accumulated running costs savings above 20% in 3 years.